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Tafsir Courses


Learn Tafsir online by understanding the meanings of the words in the Holy Quran.This course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the Quran's meanings and the commands of Allah S.W.T. It is designed to foster a general understanding of the Ahkam, or the commands of Allah, without the goal of producing scholars. Key components of this course include a foundation in basic Arabic grammar, knowledge of Usul-al-Tafsir (principles of Quranic interpretation), and familiarity with Ilmul Balagah (the science of rhetoric and eloquence). This learning experience is tailored to individuals seeking a deeper connection with the Quran's teachings without the extensive commitment required for scholarly pursuits.

In our Learn Tafsir Online program, our objectives are as follows:

  1. 1. Meaning of verses
  2. 2. Basic Arabic Grammar
  3. 3. Shaan-e-Nuzool
  4. 4. Rabt b/t Surah
  5. 5. Understanding of Ahkaam
  • 6. Application of Ahkam
  • 7. Ethics & Tajweed
  • 8. Qiraat and relation
  • 9. Ilmul Blagah
  • 10. Usul Tafsir
  • 11. Hadis
  • In our classes, we cover these important aspects extensively. Tafsir is the language scholars use to gain a deep understanding of Allah's divine book and explain its obvious meanings. Tafsir primarily uncovers what's readily visible in the Quran, while Tawil explores its hidden and deeper interpretations. There are varying views on whether there's a clear difference between Tafsir and Tawil. To successfully learn Tafsir Online, it's essential to be familiar with crucial facts about any Mufassir, or someone who comments on the Quran.

    The Mufassir must:

    1. Be sound in belief (‘aqida).
    2. Well-grounded in the knowledge of Arabic and its rules as a language.
    3. Well-grounded in other sciences that are connected with the study of the Qur’an (e.g. ‘ilm al-riwaya).
    4. Have the ability for precise comprehension.
    5. Abstain from the use of mere opinion.
    6. Begin the Tafsir of the Qur’an with the Qur’an.
    7. Seek guidance from the words and explanations of the Prophet.
    8. Refer to the reports from the sahaba ( Allah be pleased with them).
    9. Consider the reports from the tabi’un.
    10. Consult the opinions of other eminent scholars as well.
    Our online Tafsir course is currently tailored for adults, and we also have a separate course designed for children. The primary objective of these courses is to help students develop a strong understanding of the meanings of the Quranic verses that contain direct commands from Allah for humanity. Additionally, we are actively working on establishing group classes for sisters to provide them with the opportunity to participate in this blessed course in the near future, In-Shaa-Allah.