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Memorize Quran Online


In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, the internet has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, including education and spirituality. Quran Al Huda, our innovative platform, offers a unique and accessible way for individuals to deeply engage with the Holy Quran, embarking on a transformative journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment. Memorizing the Quran, known as "Hifz," holds profound significance in Islam. The Quran is the literal word of Allah (God), the ultimate source of guidance and wisdom, and a divine miracle, unmatched in eloquence and depth. Memorizing the Quran is an act of devotion, a means to draw closer to Allah, and a way to gain His pleasure and blessings.

How to Memorize Quran Online?

Traditionally, Hifz has been taught in local mosques and religious institutions, requiring students to attend physical classes consistently. However, this method may present challenges for many individuals, such as time constraints, geographical limitations, or the lack of qualified teachers. This is where step in, bridging the gap between seekers and the divine holy book to memorize Quran online.

Quran Al Huda offer a flexible and convenient way for students to embark on their online Quran memorization journey. These platforms bring together qualified Quran teachers and eager learners, transcending borders, and time zones. By leveraging technology, they create a virtual environment that fosters a supportive and personalized learning experience to help you and your kids memorize Quran online.

Procedure to memorize Quran Online:

We provide a very simple and effective methodology that a student can memorize Quran by giving very little time. A school-going pupil can also achieve this great task if he/she has the determination and interest to learn Quran by heart. In-Shaa-Allah. Join us to memorize the Quran program. For detail and a free trial class.

Overview of the Process.

At the start, the student needs to give 30 minutes to the teacher for classwork until 2 parts/Juz are memorized. Then class time is increased to 60 minutes per day for 5 days a week. A student must prepare all given tasks at home in different chunks of days for 60 to 120 minutes. Normally it takes 3 years of an average student to complete memorization of the Holy Quran online, but it varies from student to student.
1) New Memorization ( New Lesson)
This is the number of verses of new lessons a student will be memorizing every day depending on the capacity of the memory and time avaiable for it. This may be from 7 lines of a page to the whole page.
2) Newly Memorized Portion ( Sabaqi)
This is the number of verses of the Holy Quran that you’ve memorized in the last 10 to 15 days inclufing the new lessons and very adjacent to it. This part is very much important, it’ll determine if the verses you have memorized will be solid for your life or not.
3) Old Memorization Portion
This is part of the Holy Quran you’ve piled up and memorized and reviewed so far consecutively. The amount you review and recite to your teacher depends on how much Quran you’ve memorized. Once you have memorized the whole, you’ll be left with the old memorization only. This will continue for the rest of the life as keeping it fixed is a great responsibility.

Quran Al Huda Feachers for Quran memorization Online

Qualified and Certified Teachers:

Reputable Quran Al Huda ensure that their instructors are well-versed in the Quranic sciences and hold the necessary certifications to teach effectively. Students can be confident in the quality of education they receive.

Affordable Costs

Compared to in-person classes, online services tend to charge lower and more accessible subscription fees.

Personalized Learning:

Each student has a unique learning pace and style. Online services often offer personalized learning plans, catering to the individual needs of the students, helping them progress comfortably and steadily.

Flexible Scheduling:

Online Quran memorization services understand the busy lives of their students. They offer flexible scheduling options, allowing learners to choose the most suitable times for their classes, making it easier to balance their memorization journey with other responsibilities.

One-on-One Attention

Unlike crowded traditional classrooms, online platforms typically offer one-on-one sessions with teachers. This personalized attention allows for better focus and understanding.