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Arabic Language Course


Acquiring proficiency in the Arabic language is not only a fundamental tool for unlocking the deep meanings of the Quran and Hadith but also a gateway to effective communication. Whether you seek a deeper understanding of Islamic texts or desire to speak Arabic fluently, our online Arabic language courses are designed to meet your needs. Join us on this educational journey to master the rich and versatile language of Arabic, and open doors to a world of knowledge and meaningful interactions.

Learn Arabic Online

Learn Arabic online with us and see how our teachers are delivering the lesson online to make you able to read Arabic and understand the meanings as well. We will teach you how to communicate in Arabic and have fluent speech. You can also learn Arabic numbers, conjugate Arabic verbs, and Arabic grammar as well.

Arabic learning for non-Arabs

As the need to learn Arabic online is much more in Non Arab countries. Students in school, teachers, workers, and many professionals are interested to learn the Arabic language for many reasons. They need it for their career needs, higher studies, job seeking, and visitors to an Arab country. As there are fewer resources available for learning Arabic in Non Arab countries, we are offering to learn Arabic online with Arab teachers from Egypt and Jordan. You can learn it with native Arab teachers who have great experience teaching Arabic to Non-Arabs.

Books used to teach and Learn Arabic online

There are many books available to learn Arabic online. But the most famous are a few only. We will list them down here.

1- العربــية بـيـن يد يــك

This book has 3 volumes. It teaches classical Arabic or Fus-ha Arabic. You can gradually learn all the grammar, sentence structure, sentences, essay writing, and speaking skills as well.

2- العربية للناشئين

This book has six volumes and it is with more details and exercises to help you get more practice and be very good in speaking, reading, writing and listening.

3- دروس اللغۃ العربیۃ

This book has 3 volumes and written by Dr. Abdul Rahim. It has the same qualities as the above books.

Join Quran Al Huda to learn Arabic online with a free trial class today with our online Arab Teachers to learn how to speak Arabic fluently.